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Your health is in best hands with us

Your satisfaction is important to us

Pick-up service

  • from the airport
  • to the airport
  • to the hospital
  • to the rehabilitation clinic
  • to / from the hotel
  • to sights, restaurants, the opera etc.


  • Visa paperwork

Interpretation service


  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • other languages on enquiry

Amanuenses service

Service whilst daily clinic routine

  • filling in of clinic paperwork
  • translation of all diagnoses and treatment suggestions
  • simultaneous translation of all conversations with the doctors
  • execution of your desires, errand of things to your room etc.

Care of your escort

  • Organising and information about Berlin's cultural opportunities and sourcing of tickets
  • booking a hotel nearby you clinic
  • sourcing of limousines and rental cars as well as a Chauffeur Service
  • accompanying shopping tours

We offer following service packages which can be combined meaning that you can decide which service you want to have in addition:

Basis - The service is narrowed to liaising and making a contract with the doctor or hospital.

You will benefit from the standard services of the hospital. We pick you up from the airport and bring you back after your hospital stay.

Basis + Interpreter – The basic service is amended by provision of an interpreter who will translate contracts with the hospital, treatment suggestions and the spoken word of your doctor into your native language.

VIP – Luxurious hospital room, treatment by the head physician and medical reports as well as operations by TOP-professors of their subject.

You will have a modern and luxurious hospital room endowed with a computer or laptop and satellite TV in your language. Your will be served cuisine of your home country prepared like you want it. Furthermore you will have a contact person who is reachable 24 hours.

VIP + Interpreter -The interpreter will be at your disposal at all times. Your escort will be informed about nearby hotels and will have his or her own interpreter if desired.

VIP + Interpreter + Chauffeur – In addition you get a chauffeur who will drive you and your escort wherever you want and will pick you up.
We will gladly show you and your escort around Berlin, Potsdam, the sights and the cultural as well as the culinary venues.

VIP + Interpreter + Chauffeur + Wellness – In addition we liaise a place or institution of rest and recreation. You can have yourself spoiled: massages, sauna, solarium, nutrition counselling, fitness, music and whirlpools.

VIP + Security - You can combine various services such as the Chauffeur, Wellness, Interpreter Service as well as the Security Service. You can also book the Security Service if you have chosen the Basic Package. Our Security Service grands you safety around the clock in Berlin by TOP specialists. These bodyguards are well trained and schooled in order to protect your life. That is why our TOP bodyguards posses wide-ranging knowledge, are highly concentrated, wakeful and experienced. Armed and unarmed escort are part of the personal security. To create a security concept and be able to fully protect you we have to have most precise information beforehand.