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We take care of your health, beauty and security!


In collaboration with our partners in hospitals, medicine, wellness and security.


In the past patients have been treated in the USA. The commitment to service has increased in Germany. Clinics and doctors adopt to patients from abroad. Exclusive services by clinics and doctors now allow an individual treatment. Your needs, wishes and expectations are taken into consideration. Patient Care Service is your contact partner for for realising your interests while in Germany. The consultancy can begin in your home country and continue with Patient Care Service as long as you wish.

Patients are clients and Patient Care Service puts its clients first. With empathy we do our very best to meet your demands.

Patient Care Service is your contact for your health, well-being, wishes, demands and security.

We take care of you from day one. Our experts team is liaising doctors, clinics, hotels, security personal, interpreters and institutions for Wellness and leisure time activities for you.

Your individual Wellness programme

so you can enjoy a relaxed stay in Germany

Psyche and body are in unison. Your health stands in direct relation to your well-being. Therefore Patient Care Service is eager to make your stay in Germany become a feel-good experience.

Wellness to Patient Care Service is Medical Wellness, meaning a health-conscious lifestyle.

We want to support and advise you on how to keep your performance up, despite of a stressful everyday and business life.

Thus we offer on enquiry:

Relaxing and stress-management methods such as “Autogenous Training”, “Meditation”, sauna and massages by schooled physiologists.

On enquiry we offer exercise programmes which are fitted onto your needs by our expert staff.

Our doctors and health experts team gladly advise you about healthy nourishment, holistic eating and experiencing nature.

We look for the TOP-doctor for you

Experts on their subject help you to convalesce

Patient Care Service has a large range of choice of specialists on their subject of medical treatment and the recovery of your health.

A small overview of doctors who can treat you in Germany:

  • Angiology: vascular diagnostics
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Acupuncture - auriculotherapy
  • Restless- Legs- Syndrome – therapy by external “deep brain stimulation” (implant auriculotherapy by permanent titanium needles)
  • Parkinson disease
  • Cancerngen
  • Pneumology – lung diseases
  • Pain therapyleme
  • Circulation and blood pressure problems
  • Cardiology – heart problemsd deren Vorbeugung
  • Treatment of strokes and preventionnd Zeugungsfähigkeit
  • Urology – questions about your potency and fertility
  • Epilepsy
  • Homoeopathy – natural medicine

This listing's purpose is only to give you an orientation. Patient Care Service offers you a lot bigger selection of specialists.

Contact us and we offer you the service you need.